3rd Series, Volume 11 (1979)


  • The Cross Shaft at Castle Hedingham. John H Hope
  • Excavations at St Michael’s Church, Latchingdon. C R Couchman
  • Work of Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1978. C R Couchman (ed.)
  • Historic Building Surveys. M C Wadhams
  • A Pattern of Land Accumulation: The Audley End Experience, 1762-97. J D Williams
  • Excavations in Essex, 1978. M R Eddy (ed.) (view the page relating to Colchester)
  • Archaeological and Historical Notes:
    - Cesterwald Reconsidered: David Stephenson
    - 13th-Century Marginal Entries Relating to Colchester in Trinity College, Cambridge, MS 0.7.41. David Stephenson
    - Stanway: aet Stanwaegun. David Stephenson
    - Periodical Literature on Essex Archaeology and History, 1979. P B Boyton
    - Current Research on Essex History and Historical Geography, 1979: Nancy Briggs
    - Genealogy: Jo-Ann Buck
    - The Brass-Rubbings in the Society’s Collections: Stephen Freeth


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