3rd Series, Volume 9 (1977)


  • A Bronze Age Cemetery at Chitts Hill, Colchester, Essex. Philip Crummy
  • A Prehistoric Enclosure at Chitts Hill, Colchester. M R Petchey
  • Excavations at Rawreth, 1968. P J Drury
  • A Limited Excavation on the Site of St Nicholas’ Old Church, Ingrave. C R Couchman
  • Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1977. C R Couchman (ed.)
  • Excavations in Essex, 1976. C R Couchman (ed.)
  • Finchingfield Park under the Plough, 1341-42. R H Britnell
  • The Finances of an Eighteenth-century Essex Nobleman. J D Williams
  • Some New Gentry in Early Tudor Essex: The Cookes of Gidea Hall, 1480-1550. Marjorie K McIntosh
  • Sir Hercules Francis Cooke: Stuart Postscript to a Tudor House. Marjorie K McIntosh
  • Archaeological Notes:
    - A Romano-British Brooch from Hatches Farm, Braintree. S A Butcher
    - A Coin Hoard from Peldon Churchyard. W Rodwell & M M Archibald
    - Historic Buildings 1977. M Wadhams
  • Periodical Literature on Essex Archaeology and History, 1977. P B Boyton
  • Genealogy: a Conspectus: Jo-Ann Buck
  • Current Research on Essex History and Historical Geography: Nancy Briggs
  • Industrial Archaeology: John Booker
  • Museum Activities: D L Jones
  • Book Review


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