4th Series, Volume 9 (2018)


  • William H. Liddell M.A. F.R.Hist.S. 1937–2019 by Vic Gray 
  • Updating the Mesolithic In Essex by Maria Medlycott 
  • Late Bronze Age And Medieval Remains At Boars Tye Road, Silver End by Trevor Ennis and Charlotte Howsam 
  • Sampford Road, Thaxted by Mark Atkinson 
  • A Roman Building in West Essex by Peter Sharp
  • The waste of Caesaromagus: Romano-British refuse pits and later features at Moulsham Street, Chelmsford by Andrew A.S. Newton, Samuel Thomelius, Andrew Peachey, Peter Thompson, John Summers and Julie Curl
  • Monasteries of Ely and Barking Considered by James Kemble
  • Medieval Boundaries, Quarry Pits and other Activity at Dunmow Road, Great Hallingbury, Essex by Andrew Newton
  • The Rose and Crown, 109 High Street, Maldon by Timothy Howson and John Smith
  • The West Ham Marshes and post-medieval flood defences at Rawalpindi House, Newham by I. Grosso, G. Thompson, F. Meddens, D.S. Young and R. Batchelor
  • Daniel Defoe’s knowledge of Essex: the evidence of A Tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain by Pat Rogers
  • Fieldwork Summaries by Paul Gilman
  • Part of the main, archaeology in its European Context: a review of four recent books by Nigel Brown

Shorter Notes

  • Middle to Late Bronze Age Settlement and Saltworking at Burnham West, Burnham-on-Crouch by Tom Collie with Rachel Clarke
  • Late Iron Age Ceramic Spouted Strainer Bowls from Heybridge, Elms Farm by Paul Sealey

Book Reviews

  • ‘Kingdom, Civitas, and County: the evolution of territorial identity in the English landscape’ by Richard Havis
  • The Hundred Parishes; an introduction Dr. Jane Pearson

Essex Bibliography by Andrew Phillips and Paul Sealey

Revised Notes for Contributors

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