4th Series, Volume 12 (2021)


  • Jennifer Clare Ward M.A., Ph.D., F.R.Hist.S. (1938–2022) by Michael Leach

  • Peter Froste 1935–2021 by Philip Crummy

  • Late Iron Age/Early Roman Remains at the Rainham Interchange and Library Site, Ferry Lane, Rainham by Kathryn Grant Reis

  • Late Saxon and Early Medieval Occupation at Land South of Quicksie Hill, Arkesden by Lindsay Lloyd-Smith

  • Clavering Castle Environs Project, 2020–21 by Simon C. Coxall

  • The Bohun Earls of Hereford and Essex, Lords of Pleshey in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries by the late Jennifer Ward, edited by Patrick Allen

  • Medieval charcoal production and early post-medieval brick kilns east of Nayland Road, Great Horkesley by Graeme Clarke, Denise Druce and Sue Anderson

  • ‘The Day They Buried Father Christmas’: Parish Registers as Evidence of Attitudes and Values in Tudor Essex by Ian Beckwith

  • Hop cultivation in Essex by Michael Leach

  • From Tradesmen to Noblemen: the Rise of the Strutt Family and the Maldon Connection, 1706–1826 by J.R. Smith

  • DP World London Gateway Port: maritime and aviation discoveries made during capital dredging operations 2010−14 by Graham Scott, Toby Gane, David Howell and Paolo Croce

  • Archaeological Fieldwork Summaries 2021 edited by Paul Gilman

Shorter Notes

  • Clacton St. John. A Stone Wall at the North-East Corner of the Church by David Andrews 227

  • Observations on Hadstock Church by David Andrews and Adam Garwood

Book Reviews

  • The Chadwell St. Mary Ringwork: A Late Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon Settlement in Southern Essex, 2020 by Andrew A.S. Newton

  • Thurrock’s Deeper Past: A Confluence of Time. The Archaeology of the Borough of Thurrock, Essex, From the Last Ice Age to the Establishment of the English Kingdoms by Christopher John Tripp

Essex Bibliography by Andrew Phillips and Paul R. Sealey

Revised Notes for Contributors

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