3rd Series, Volume 15 (1983)


  • The Cropmark Complex and a Group of Deverel-Rimbury Burials at Ardleigh, Essex: C Couchman & L Savory
  • The Excavation of a Romano-British Pottery Kiln at Palmer’s School, Grays, Essex: K A Rodwell
  • Excavations on the Braintree Earthworks, 1976 and 1979: M R Eddy
  • A Horse and Rider Aquamanile from Harwich, and the Significance of Scarborough Ware in Essex: C M Cunningham, P C & N C Farmer
  • New Light on the Anstey Case: P A Brand
  • The Reformation in Colchester, 1528-1558: Jennifer C Ward
  • Towards a ‘Perfect Militia’, Warwick, Buckingham and the Essex Alarum of 1625: B W Quintrell
  • John Ennows: A Previously Unknown Clay-Pipe Maker of All Saints, Colchester: M R Eddy & P M Ryan
  • Fire Beacons, Volunteers, and Local Militia in Napoleonic Essex: 1803-1811: P B Boyton
  • Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1982: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
  • Historic Building Surveys 1982: M C Wadhams
  • Excavations in Essex 1982: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
    Archaeological and Historical Notes
  • Mersea before 1046: A Reconsideration: Peter B Boyton
  • Medieval Pot Quern from Hadleigh Castle: D G Buckley & H Major
  • Current Research on Essex History and Historical Geography, 1983: Nancy Briggs
  • Periodical Literature on Essex Archaeology and History, 1983: J M Skudder
    Book Reviews


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