3rd Series, Volume 17 (1986)


  • Editorial
  • Prehistoric Settlement and the Romano-British Small Town at Heybridge, Essex: N P Wickenden
  • The Excavation of Three Ring Ditches at Broomfield Plantation Quarry, Arlesford, Essex: Owen Bedwin
  • Excavations in Braintree 1980 and 1984: B H Milton
  • Old Copped Hall, the Site of a Tudor Mansion: David Andrews
  • Deserted Settlement Earthworks at Purleigh: Steven Potter, Douglas Benton & Pat Ryan
  • The Development of Settlement in North-West Essex. The results of a recent field survey: Tom Williamson
  • Colchester Courts and Court Records 1310-1525: R H Britnell (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0008.pdf )
  • Work of the Essex County Council Archaeological Section 1985: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
  • Excavations in Essex 1985: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
    Archaeological Notes
  • Late Iron Age Pottery and Briquetage from Elm Park House, Ardleigh, 1981: Isobel Thompson & P M Barford
  • Three Anglo-Saxon Bone Combs from Great Wakering: Susan Tyler
  • Plaster or Stone? Some observations on Layer Marney Church and Tower: D Andrews, O Bedwin & R Hall
  • Apothercaries’ and Barber Surgeons’ Tokens of Essex and their issuers: T D Whittet
  • Current Research in Essex History and Historical Geography 1985: Nancy Briggs
    Book Reviews


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