3rd Series, Volume 18 (1987)


  • Editorial
  • A Late Bronze Age Hoard from Fingringhoe: Paul R Sealy
  • Excavations at Barrington’s Farm, Orsett Cock, Thurrock, Essex, 1983: Brian Milton
  • Excavations at Southchurch Hall. An Interim Report: John R Jackson
  • Excavations at Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, Essex: Brian Milton with a contribution by Helen Walker
  • Fieldwork and Excavations at Pyrgo Park 1971 and 1972: Elizabeth Sellers & Patricia M Ryan
  • Tollesbury Hall, Tollesbury: a thirteenth century manor house: John McCann & Douglas Scott
  • A Friend in the Country: William Mayhew and the recovery of the Colchester Charter 1763: John Bensusan-Butt (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0009.pdf )
  • The Fambridge Colony: an experiment in land reclamation by unemployed Londoners 1906-07: Beryl A Board
  • Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1986: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
  • Excavations in Essex 1986: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
    Archaeological Notes
  • A Late Iron Age Linchpin in Saffron Walden Museum: Hilary Major
  • A Roman Lava Quernstone from Takeley Church: Hilary Major
  • A Late Roman Buckle from Harlow Temple, Essex: Richard Bartlett
  • The Sources of Industrial Conglomerate from Early Medieval Churches in North and East Essex: Robin Turner
  • Current Research on Essex History and Historical Geography 1986-87: Jennifer Butler
  • A Curious Assemblage of seeds from Waltham Abbey: Brian Moffat
    Bibliography of Essex Archaeology and History: P R Sealey & Philip Hills
    Book Review


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