3rd Series, Volume 21 (1990)


  • Obituary: K R Mabbitt
  • Caesar’s second invasion of Britain, Cassivellaunus and the Trinobantes: E W Black
  • Salvage recording of Iron Age and Roman remains at Ickleton Road, Great Chesterford: Carl Crossan, Martyn Smoothy & Colin Wallace
  • Late Iron Age and Roman Billericay: excavations 1987: David Rudling
  • Domesday Book and feudal topography: W R Powell
  • Harwich: its archaeological potential as revealed in excavations at George Street and Church Street: David Andrews, Brian Milton & Helen Walker
  • Pottery from a late medieval kiln dump at 77 High Road, Rayleigh: Helen Walker
  • Bailiffs and burgesses in Colchester 1400-1525: T H Britnell
  • Wealth and family in early 16th-century Colchester: Jennifer Ward
  • The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1989: P J Gilman (ed.)
  • Excavations in Essex 1989: P J Gilman (ed.)
    Archaeological Notes
  • A Neolithic Axe from Southend: Ken Crowe
  • A shafthole adze from Blackmore: N J Merriman
  • British chariotry and territorial oppida: E W Black
  • A Roman site at Henham: R Havis & M Medlycott
  • A supporting arm brooch from Springfield: Susan Tyler
  • Asheldham church revisited: David Andrews & M Smoothy
  • The site of the medieval hospital at Brook Street, Brentwood: Steve Godbold
  • A seal from an imported French textile: Geoff Egan
    Book reviews
    Essex bibliography 1990: P Hills & A Phillips (compilers)


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