3rd Series, Volume 36 (2005)

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 36 (2005)


  • Archaeological fieldwalking in Essex 1986-2005: Maria Medlycott
  • Archaeology on mid-Essex clay: investigations on the A130 by-pass: Ruarigh Dale, David Maynard & Joyce Compton
  • A Bronze Age, Roman and Saxon site at Bishops Park College, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea: Andy Letch
  • A Roman cemetery at Great Dunmow: Leonora O’Brien
  • The Portable Antiquities Scheme: a small selection of finds from Essex from August 2003 to December 2005: Caroline McDonald
  • A geological review of some early Essex quoins: John F Potter
  • A Norman Government of Essex 1066-1154: W Raymond Powell
  • Excavations at Church Lane / Church Street, Dagenham: David Bowsher
  • A late medieval site at Great Garlands Farm, Stanford-le-Hope, and other archaeological work on the Coryton-Mucking pipeline: Mark Peachey & Ruarigh Dale
  • Archaeology in 2004: Alison Bennett (ed.)
  • Church Miscellany: D D Andrews (ed.)
  • Historic buildings notes and surveys: D D Andrews (ed.)
    Shorter notes
  • Prehistoric and medieval sites from a pipeline on the western side of the M11: Richard Havis
  • A Late Iron Age and early Roman enclosure at Bulls Lodge Quarry, Boreham Airfield: Joanne Archer & Rachel Clarke
  • Roman remains at Redbond Lodge, Great Dunmow: Andrew Robertson
  • Medieval deposits at 73-74 High Street, Chelmsford: excavations 2000: Nick Lavender
  • A ‘magnum fossatum’ at Saffron Walden: excavations at Elm Grove, Goul Lane 2001: Trevor Ennis
  • Sible Hedingham, St Peter. The vestry and medieval floor discovered in it: D D Andrews
  • ‘Yesterday my lord of Gloucester came to Colchester … ‘: John Ashdown-Hill
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