2nd Series, Volume 6 (1898)


Volume VI, Part I

  1. Hornchurch Priory. By J. Horace Round, M.A. … 1
  2. Roman Pottery Kiln, Shoeburyness, By H. Laver, F.S.A. … 13
  3. Gryme’s Dyke, or the Outward Trench of Wyldenhey. By Henry Laver, F.S.A. … 17
  4. On the Custom of Setting up Royal Arms in Churches. By C. F. D. Sperling, M.A. … 22
  5. Fitz Lewes, of West Horndon, and the Brasses at Ingrave. By the Rev. H. L. Elliot, M.A. … 28
  6. Essex Field Names. Part II. - The Hundreds of Beacontree, Chafford, and Barstable with the Liberty of Havering. Collected and arranged by William Chapman Waller, M.A., F.S.A. … 60
    Archaeological Notes … 85
    - A Colchester Chantry. By J H Round
    - Wills Proved at Waltham. By William Chapman Waller
    - Early Essex Clergy. By William Chapman Waller
    - Parish Registers: A Proposal. By William Chapman Waller
    - Harlow [supposed earthwork near the Railway Station]. By G.F.B.
    - Gryme’s Dyke. By H Laver
    General Meeting at Colchester y 19th March, 1896 … 88
    Report for 1895 … 90
    Donations to the Society … 92

Volume VI, Part II

  1. Roman Clasp Knives. By Henry Laver, F.S.A … 95
  2. Shoebury Camp. By Henry Laver. F.S.A. … 97
  3. Some Essex Manuscripts: Being an account of those belonging to W. S. Chisenhale-Marsh Esq., of Gaynes Park. Part II. By William Chapman Waller, M.A. … 101
  4. Ancient Wills. No. 2 [Ralph Busby, Vicar of Great Baddow, proved 1492; Sir John Newys, Vicar of Tillingham, 1490; William Woode, Rector of Bocking, 1472; John Parkyne, Vicar of Althorne, proved 1505]. By H. C. Maldon, M.A. … 122
  5. Some Additions to Newcourts Repertorium. Vol. IL Being Notes made by J. C. Challenor Smith … 126
  6. On Some Interesting Essex Brasses [Elmstead, Felsted x2, Halstead, Little Warley, Saffron Walden x3]. By Miller Christy and W. W. Porteous … 146
    Archaeological Notes … 171
    - Essex Court Rolls. By J H Round
    - Flemish Refugees in Essex. By J H Round
    - Roman Burials in Colchester. By Henry Laver, F.S.A.
    - Founder’s Hoard at Hatfield Broad Oak. By Henry Laver
    - Founder’s Hoard at Southchurch. By Henry Laver
    - Remains of Roman Buildings at West Mersea. By Henry Laver
    - Hawkwood Family [Toppesfield]. By C F D Sperling
    General Meeting at Finchingfield and Excursion in the Neighbourhood on May 25th, 1896 [The churches of Shalford, Wethersfield, Finchingfield, Great and Little Bardfield, and Spain’s Hall, Finchingfield] … 176
    General Meeting at Southchurch, the Skoeburys, the Wakerings, and Barling held on 23rd July, 1896 … 195
    General Meeting at Hornchurch Upminster, and the Ockendons, on 12th September, 1896 … 199

Volume VI, Part III

  1. Some Essex Family Correspondence in the Seventeenth Century [Luckyn, Birch Hall]. By J. H. Round, M.A. … 207
  2. Discovery of Late-Celtic Pottery at Shoebury. By Henry Laver, F.S.A … 222
  3. Great Canfield Mount. By the Rev. E. A. Downman … 225
  4. Some Additions to Newcourts Repertorium. Vol, II, Being Notes made by J. C, Challenor Smith … 228
  5. Essex Field Names. Part III - The Hundreds of Rochford, Dengie, and Thurstable. Collected and arranged by William Chapman Waller, M.A., F.S.A. … 258
    Archaeological Note: Inventories of Church Goods, Essex. By C F D Sperling … 278
    General Meeting of the Essex Archaeological Society held at Colchester Castle, on Tuesday, the 23rd March, 1897 … 279
    Special Meeting at Mersea, 13th May, 1897 [Roman building at West Mersea Hall] … 284
    Report for 1896 … 286
    Donations to the Society … 287

Volume VI, Part IV

  1. Othona and the Count of the Saxon Shore, By the Rev. Canon Raven, D.D., F.S.A … 291
  2. Some Additions to Newcourt’s Repertorium, Vol, II, Being Notes made by J. C. Challenor Smith … 298
  3. The History of the Church of Hatfield Regis or Broad Oak, with some Account of the Priory Buildings, By the Rev. F. W. Galpin, M.A., F.L.S., Vicar … 327
    Archaeological Notes … 346
    - Early Essex Clergy. By J H Round
    - Churchyard Fence, Wickham Bishops. By Henry C. Malden
    The Bell at Colchester Castle. By J. J. Raven, D.D., F.S.A.
    - Gestingthorpe. By William Chapman Waller
    - The Portreeve of Colchester. By J H Round
    General Meeting held at Asheldham and Bradwell-on-Sea, on 8th July, 1897 [Asheldham Camp, Bradwell-on Sea Church and Chapel] … 350
    General Meeting held at Elsenham, Horham Hall, Thaxted, and Newport on 7th September, 1897 … 355
    General Meeting held at Takeley, Great Canfield, and Hatfield Broad Oak, on 12th October, 1897 … 360

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