2nd Series, Volume 3 (1889)


Volume III, Part I

  1. Colchester Castle. By F. M. Nichols ... 1 (view online: View Part 1 on our Blog   &   View Part 2 on our Blog)
  2. Inventories of Church Goods, 6th Edw, VI {Concluded from Vol, II, p. 250, N.S.) [Havering Liberty: Romford, Hornchurch, Havering. Hundred of Lexden: Aldham, Great Horkesley, Messing, Feering, Dedham, Colne Engaine, Pontisbright (Chappel), Pattiswick, Great Bentley, Wivenhoe, Great Tey. Hundred of Tendring: Dovercourt, Mistley. Chelmsford Hundred: Sandon, Saffron Walden.] By H. W. King ... 36
  3. The Ancient Church Bells of Halstead and its Neighbourhood, By the Rev. Cecil Deedes, M.A. ... 64
  4. The Will of Miles Gray [1649], of Colchester, Bell Founder, By J. C.L. Stahlschmidt … 74
  5. On an Ancient Mazer at Holy Trinity Church, Colchester, By Henry Laver. ... 76 (view on our Blog)
  6. On the Antiquity of some Footpaths, By Henry Laver ... 76 Annual General Meeting at Colchester, 1st and 2nd August, 1882 [includes a note on the Harsnett Library in Colchester Museum]. ... 81
    Excursion [Chappel, Colne Priory, Great Tey church, Little Tey church, Coggeshall church and abbey, Marks Tey, Copford, Stanway], 2nd of August, 1882 … 85
    Annual General Meeting at Nasing [Nazeing] and Waltham Abbey, 9th of August, 1883 ... 96
    Annual General Meeting at Halstead, 29th of July, 1884 [includes an account of the bells in some of the parishes in the northern part of the County of Essex: Ashden, Debden, Elsenham, Henham, Hadstock, Hempstead, Radwinter, Newport, Widdington, Stanstead Montfitchet, Thaxted, Wimbish, Saffron Walden; Visit to Little Maplestead and Great Maplestead churches, Hedingham Castle]… 98
    Report Read and adopted at the Annual General Meeting at Colchester, 11th August, 1885 ... 114
    Summary of Proceedings at Council Meetings … 116 Archaeological Intelligence … 118
    Distemper paintings at Fingringhoe The Church Bells of Essex Donations to the Society … 121

Volume III, Part II

  1. Roman Roads near to and those radiating from Colchester, By Henry Laver ... 123
  2. On a Roman Villa at Arlesford Lodge, Excavated, June, 1885. By Henry Laver … 136
  3. Roman Tesselated Pavement, found on the east side of Head Street, Colchester. By Henry Laver … 140
  4. Note on a Statement in page 280, Vol, II, No, 8, of the Transactions [Altar of Sulerve by J E Price], By C. Roach Smith ... 141
  5. Some Documents Relating to Colchester Castle, By J. Horace Round... 143
  6. An Inventory of the household Goods of Sir Thomas Barrington, Bart., at Hatfield Priory , in 1629. By G. Alan Lowndes, Esq., M.A., President ... 155
    Meeting of the Members of the Essex and Chelmsford Museum, and the Essex Archaeological Society at Chelmsford on Thursday, November 27th 1884 ... 177
    Annual General Meeting at Colchester, 11th August, 1885 ... 179
    Special Meeting at Colchester Castle with Excursion to Fingringhoe and Wivenhoe, on Wednesday 14th October, 1885 ... 180
    Reviews of Books:
    Retrospections, Social and Archaeological. By Charles Roach Smith, F.S.A., &c., &c. Vol, II, London, George Bell & Sons, York Street, Covent Garden ... 183
    The Manuscripts of the Custos Rotulorum and Justices of the Peace of the County of Essex, at the Shire Hall, Chelmsford, Co. Essex ... 185
    Report Read and Adopted at the Annual Meeting at Ingatestone, 1886 ... 191
    Summary of Proceedings at Council Meetings ... 192
    Donations to the Society … 194

Volume III, Part III

  1. Common Seal of the Borough of Colchester, By Henry Laver ... 197
  2. On Pargeting, By the Rev. E. S. Corrie, M.A. ... 201
  3. Roman Tessellated Pavement found in [Culver Street, near Head Street] Colchester, By Henry Laver ... 207
  4. Wentworth, of Gosfield, Co, Essex, By Wm. Loftie Rutton ... 209
  5. Pedigree of Wentworth, of Gosfield, Co, Essex. By Wm. Loftie Rutton ... 221
  6. Pedigree of Wentworth, of Bocking, Co, Essex, By Wm. Loftie Rutton ... 222
  7. Notes to the Pedigree of Wentworth of Gosfield ... 223
  8. Manors of Wentworth, of Gosfield ... 228
  9. Excerpts from Ancient Wills, No. 4. [William Creake, Vicar of Barling, proved 1393; Ralph Perchehay, Rector of Stifford, dated 1377; and his successor, John Colyn, proved 1392] By H. W. King. … 230
  10. Robert Burford [d. 1418], of London, Bellfounder. By J. C. L. Stahlschmidt ... 238
    Report Read at the Annual General Meeting at Great Dunmow, August 12th, 1887 ... 241
    Donations to the Society ... 242

Volume III, Part IV

  1. Who was Alice [de Vere] of Essex? By J. Horace Round, M. A. … 243
  2. Tilty Parish and Abbey, By the Rev. G. E. Symonds, M.A. ... 252
  3. Thaxted and its Cutlers' Guild. By the Rev. G. E. Symonds, M.A. ... 255
  4. Thaxted Church. By the Rev. G, E. Symonds, M.A. ... 262
  5. The Origin of St. Botolph's Priory, Colchester. By J. H. Round ... 267
  6. Roman Leaden Coffins Discovered at [Creffield Road] Colchester. By Henry Laver, F.S.A., F.L.S. ... 273
  7. Wentworth of Gosfield, Co. Essex. Addenda. By W. L. Rutton ... 278
  8. A Short Chapter in the History of the Descent of the Manor of Horham. By H. W. King ... 281
  9. Guild of the Holy Trinity, Saffron Walden ... 285
  10. Excerpts from Ancient Wills. No. 5 [Richard Hagis, Rector of Laindon, dated 1494; James Beeton, Rector of Bulphan and Chantry Priest of Laindon, proved 1518]. By H. W. King … 287
    Annual General Meeting at Ingatestone, 12th August, 1886 … 304
    Annual General Meeting at Dunmow, 12th August, 1887... 305
    Meeting at Barking, 21st October, 1887 ... 307
    Meeting at the Town Hall, Maldon, 30th May, 1888 ... 308
    Annual General Meeting at the Museum, Chelmsford, 9th August, 1888 ... 309
    Meeting at Coggeshall, 19th October, 1888 ... 310
    Report Read at the Annual General Meeting, at Chelmsford, 9th August, 1888 ... 312
    Summary of Proceedings at Council Meetings ... 313
    Donations to the Society ... 314


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