1st Series, Volume 1 (1858)


  1. General Report of the Proceedings of the Inaugural Meeting, Dec 14 1852 … 1
  2. Inaugural Lecture on Archaeology, by Professor [John Howard] Marden, B.D.[Disney Professor of Archaeology, and late Fellow of St John’s College, in the University of Cambridge; and Rector of Great Oakley, Essex] … 6
  3. The History and Description of the Walls of Colchester, by Dr P M Duncan … 26
  4. On Roman Remains lately Discovered at Chelmsford, by Mr Frederick Chancellor … 59
  5. Sketch of a Paper on a Colchester Sphynx [Sphinx], compared with two others found in Hungary, by Dr William Bell … 64
  6. Frescoes Discovered in East Ham Church, by Mr George Buckler … 72
  7. Notes on Hedingham Castle, and the Family of De Vere, Earls of Oxford, by Mr Ashhurst Majendie, F.R.S. … 75
  8. Some Notes on the Family of De Vere, by Mr Richard Almack, F.S.A. … 83
  9. Remarks on the Roman Sepulture of Infants, by the Hon R C Neville, F.S.A. … 89
  10. On a Recently Discovered Monumental Brass, belonging to Bowers Gifford Church, by Mr H W King …. 93
  11. Roman Remains at Coggeshall, by the Rev Edward L Cutts, B.A. … 99
  12. Remarks about Round Churches of England, with especial reference to the Church at Little Maplestead, Essex, by Mr George Buckler … 110
  13. Curious Extracts from a MS Diary of the time of James II, and William and Mary, by the Rev Edward L Cutts, B.A. … 117
  14. Remarks upon a Roman Urn found near the Lexden Road, Colchester, by the Rev Barton Lodge M.A. … 128
  15. St Nicholas Church, Castle Hedingham, by the Rev Edward L Cutts, B.A. … 133
  16. Report of Second General Meeting at Chelmsford, April 19, 1853 … 137
  17. Report of Third General Meeting at Castle Hedingham, July 20, 1853 … 139
  18. List of Roman Potters’ Names upon Samian Ware, now in the Collection of the Hon R C Neville, F.S.A., at Audley End … 141
  19. Notice of some Ancient Wills of Inhabitants of the County of Essex [Thomas Marler, Kelvedon, proved 1474; John Creke, Hockley, 1547; Robert Camock, Layer Marney, proved 1585; John Smith, Bradwell, 1558; Middle John Whitelocke, Little Totham, 1500], by Mr H W King …. 149
  20. A Description of some Mural Paintings discovered in Hadleigh Church, by the Rev W E Heygate, M.A. … 161
  21. Architectural Account of the Remains of Coggeshall Abbey, by the Rev Edward L Cutts, B.A. … 166
  22. On a Semicircular Archway, of the Decorated Period, at St Osyth, by Mr Charles F Hayward … 186
  23. Notes on Roman Essex, by the Hon R C Neville, F.S.A., President … 191
  24. Remarks on Ancient Seals found at Rivenhall, Ashingdon, Stebbing, Coggeshall, and Colchester: with Notices of some others pertaining to the County of Essex, by Mr H W King ... 201
  25. The Roman Cloaca at Colchester: its Discovery and Description, by Dr P M Duncan … 210

Objects of the Society … i
Rules … ii
List of Council … iii
List of Members … iv
Queries and Directions … vii


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