4th Series, Volume 2 (2011)


  • John S Appleby F.R.Hist.S., F.R.Met.S (1925-2011): David J Appleby
  • High living at Monks Warren: a North-East London landscape from the Mesolithic to the Modern Period: Alice Lyons
  • Excavations of a Late Prehistoric and Medieval Site at Maltings Academy, Spinks Lane, Witham, 2009-2011: Sian Reynolds
  • Othona: Roman extra-mural activity at the Othona Community site, Bradwell-on-Sea: Phillippa Sparrow
  • Saxon fishtraps in the Blackwater Estuary, Essex: monitoring survey at Collins Creek, Pewet Island and The Nass 2003-2007: E M Heppell
  • Investigations on the medieval defences of Walden Castle, Saffron Walden 2005-2009: Trevor Ennis
  • Medieval occupation in Maldon, Essex: excavations at 127-129 High Street, 2007: Tim Carew, Chris Clarke & Dan Eddisford
  • Was there an anchoress at Colne Priory?: Cate Gunn
  • A medieval site at Chipping Ongar: excavations at Banson’s Lane, 1998: Trevor Ennis
  • Fortification Wood, Navestock - Reviewed: Peter D R Sharp & Michael Leach
  • The Prittlewell chest panels and a group of English church chests decorated with tracery and bestiaries: David Sherlock
  • ‘The Weaker Vessel’? How Essex court records challenge commonly-held beliefs about the subordinate early modern woman: Alice Violett
  • What did Thomas Plume think about witchcraft? Reconstructing intellectual outlook of a little-known 17th century English sceptic: Alison Rowlands (view online: http://www.thomasplumeslibrary.co.uk/news-events/the-plume-lecture/what-did-thomas-plume-think-about-witchcraft/ )
  • Medieval and post-medieval remains including a late 17th / early 18th century brick kiln at Legg Street, Chelmsford: Neil Hawkins & Berni Sudds
  • Archaeology in Essex 2010: Sue Tyler
    Shorter Notes:
  • A Neolithic partly-polished flint axe-head from Hutton, Brentwood: Hazel Martingell
  • A Scandinavian traded flint axe?: Hazel Martingell
  • An unusual brooch and the problem of provenance in the study of Anglo-Saxon Colchester: Philip Wise
    Book reviews:
  • The Roman Town of Great Chesterford: Nick Wickenden
  • The Harlow Pottery Industries: Howard Brooks
  • Great Excavations: Shaping the Archaeological Profession: Maria Medlycott
  • Tides and Floods: New Research on London and the Tidal Thames from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century: James A Galloway
  • Essex bibliography: Paul R Sealey
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