3rd Series, Volume 19 (1988)


  • A Late Bronze Age settlement on the boulder clay plateau: excavations at Broads Green 1986: Nigel Brown
  • Late Iron Age enclosures at Kelvedon: excavations at the Doucecroft since 1985-86: C P Clarke
  • On the outskirts of Roman Chelmsford: excavations at Lasts Garage 1987: Steven Wallis
    Roman Coggeshall: excavations 1984-85: C P Clarke
  • The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Prittlewell, Essex: an analysis of the grave goods: Susan Tyler
  • Excavations of the north side of Sun Street, Waltham Abbey 1974-77: Saxon burials, precinct wall and the south-east transept: P J Huggins
  • The medieval hospitals at East and West Tilbury and Henry VIII’s forts: W R Powell
  • The fields and pastures of Colchester 1280-1350: R H Britnell
  • Pleshey Castle - the northern bailey: excavations at the village hall site 1987: Deborah Priddy
  • Maiden’s Tye: a moated site at High Easter: Elizabeth Sellers, Patricia M Ryan & Helen Walker
  • Excavations in the Market Place, Waltham Abbey 1981: the Moot Hall and Romano-British occupation: P J Huggins
  • A timber-framed building at Bocking: David Andrews & Brenda Watkins
  • The 18th-century attorney as political broker: the case of Francis Smythies: Shani D’Cruze
  • Local government planning papers as sources for the local historian: an Essex survey: Shirley Durgan
  • The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1987: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
  • Excavations in Essex 1987: Deborah Priddy (ed.)
    Archaeological Notes
  • An enamelled Roman plate brooch from Chelmsford: N P Wickenden
  • The old St Peter’s school site, Coggeshall: excavations 1987: Roland Flook
  • Facon de Venise glass from Coggeshall and Harlow: David Andrews
    Book Reviews


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