3rd Series, Volume 32 (2001)

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 32 (2001)


  • Obituaries
  • Our triple Jubilee: the Essex Archaeological Society 1852-2002: W R Powell
  • Prehistoric settlement and burials at Elms Farm, Heybridge: M Atkinson & S Preston
  • Beaker burial, Late Iron Age and Roman features: observation and excavation at Elm Park, Ardleigh, 1994-1996: Howard Brooks
  • The Bronze Age enclosure at Springfield Lyons in its landscape context: Nigel Brown
  • Excavation of an Iron Age and Roman site at The Star and Fleece Hotel, Kelvedon: David Fell & Ron Humphrey
  • St Mary and All Saints Church, Rivenhall. An analysis of the historic fabric: A Letch
  • Joan de Bohun, Countess of Hereford, Essex and Northampton, c.1370-1419: family land and social networks: Jennifer Ward
  • Helions Farm, Helions Bumpstead: Trevor Ennis
  • A medieval octagonal chimney stack: evidence from Pleshey and Writtle: N P Wickendon
  • Fieldwalking at Crondon Park, Stock: Mark Germany
  • The desmesne lands and parks of Sir Henry Maynard in 1594: J M Hunter
  • The precinct and buildings of Tilty Abbey: Jackie Hall & David Stracham
  • Unnecessary persons? Maimed soldiers and war widows in Essex 1642-1662: David Appleby
  • Ladies’ boarding schools in Essex c.1791-1861. Two case studies - Billericay and Maldon: Fiona Bengtsen
  • ‘A Venture of Faith’: the building of a school in Stow Maries: Beryl A Board
    Shorter notes
  • Two unusual flaked flint axes: Hazel Martingell
  • A field axe or adze from Cressing: Edward Biddulph
  • Excavations at Great Chesterford churchyard: D Gadd
  • A Roman site at Saffron Walden: D Fell & R Humphrey
  • A Roman site at Radwinter: R Havis
  • An Ipswich-type Ware vessel from Althorne Creek: Helen Walker
  • Chiswick Hall moated site, Chrishall: Jon Murray
  • On dating from clay pipe stems found in Maldon: Bill Clark
  • The Harwich Crane: D D Andrews & B J Crouch
  • Archaeology in Essex 2000: A Bennett (ed.)
  • Historic buildings notes and surveys: D D Andrews (ed.)
  • Church miscellany: D D Andrews (ed.)
  • The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Service, 2000: Sally Gale (ed).
    Book reviews
    Essex bibliography
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