3rd Series, Volume 34 (2003)

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 34 (2003)


  • Two Late Bronze Age hoards from south-east Essex: Ken Crowe
  • A Late Bronze Age site at Springfield Park, Chelmsford: Andrew Manning & Chris Moore
  • A Late Iron Age settlement at Cressing: John Hope
  • Late Iron Age / early Roman and early medieval activity in the Lea valley at Chingford: Barry Bishop
  • Richard Lord Rich’s mansion at Rochford Hall: D D Andrews
  • Excavations at St Mary Magdalen’s hospital, Brook Street, Colchester: Carl Crossan (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0076.pdf)
  • The place-name element ‘beorg’ and other mounds in Essex: James Kemble
  • A life of true conversations?: the career of Nehemiah Rogers 1618-1660: Maria Egan
  • >Myth, mystery and martyrdom: Colchester 1648: Barbara Donagen
  • Thomas Edward’s Essex: evaluating Gangraena: Ann Hughes
  • Women in the marketplace in early modern Essex: Amanda Flather
  • Treasure in heaven? The social status of Essex Clergymen 1670-1790, as revealed through their wills: Jane Pearson
  • Rayner Taylor (1747-1825), Chelmsford’s first organist: Olive Baldwin & Thelma Wilson
  • Historic building conservation in Essex: Peter Richards
    Shorter notes
  • A shafthole adze from Starlings Green, Clavering: Hazel Martingell
  • Archaeology in Essex 2002: Alison Bennett (ed.)
  • Work of the ECC archaeological service 2002: Sally Gale (ed.)
  • Church miscellany: D D Andrews (ed.)
  • Historic buildings notes and surveys: D D Andrews (ed.)
    Book reviews
    Essex bibliography
  • American theses on the history of Essex
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